Seeing things

I wasn’t aware of having vision difficulties – except that a few days later I momentarily lost the sight in my left eye. And when it returned I could see a light grey speckled blob,

I was able to get an appointment at the local optometrist’s who assured me that yes, there was a problem with my eye / do booked me into the eye hospital. She showed me the retinal picture, complete with blob.

However, at the eye hospital they did a retinal scan which showed no real blob. It’s explained to me that the imageI see isn’t real, and is generated by the mind.

Later I get a new phenomenon -when I look at shiny white surfaces such as basins they seem covered in thousands of grey hairs. To say this is disconcerting is putting it mildly.

I see a grey blob in my left eye..but it’s not really there

I see thousands of grey hairs in surfaces like porcelain basins or white shower trays – but they’re not really there

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