The A Word

Back to the Anne Rowling Clinic for a diagnosis. Lovely neurologist shows me the scans..there are gaps between parts of my brain and my skull where there really shouldn’t be gaps. On the SPECT scan most of my brain is orange except for the bright blue bits.

It’s interesting what isn’t shown. Alzheimer’s normally starts in the hippocampus – the memory centre, but I have no atrophy there. So my episodic memory is good, I know what happened last month and last week.

We discuss my vision: he suggests I need to stop driving. I nod along to this, not too sure I’m really taking it in. On the way back I go rather faster than I should.

He wants me to go on a drug that may slow the progress of the disease. Explains that whether I have MCI or dementia is largely irrelevant as the key thing is that the scans plus the CSF analysis confirm Alzheimers.

I had determined to buy a box of chocolates for the team who did my lumbar puncture -as they were so lovely . On my way to deliver the gift I came across a lady playing a harp in a corner of the hospital. I feel quite overcome.

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